Yucca Man Joshua Tree Tee

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Yucca Man of Joshua Tree. You may have heard of the Sasquatch in many larger forests in the US, but there also lurks the Yucca Man of the deserts in Joshua Tree National Park. For decades, people have reported seeing the large hairy creature with glowing red eyes. One report from a marine in the area had his rifle bent nearly in half after an encounter. While the Yucca Man remains just as elusive as the bigfoot it seems, it has left behind massive footprints that indicate an enormous stride, far too large for a human. 100% SUPIMA Cotton Tee. SUPIMA Cotton is 100% USA grown, and considered the highest quality cotton available. WRAP certified social compliance. No sweatshop production. Wind Mill powered production. No toxic dyes or formaldehyde are used in garment. Pre-shrunk. Super soft. Garment color is Oxblood, print is located front center of tee. The most eco-friendly tee available!